News Roundup

Leaves and Twigs: A Weekly Roundup of the Best Sustainability Stories on the Web

Last week, we celebrated the National Institute of Health’s decision to retire most research chimps; National Geographic revealed that flowers had bloomed earlier than ever before in the US; and scientists discovered a bright-blue lizard hiding in plain sight. Read on for these (and more) great sustainability stories…

A gorgeous blue whale.

A gorgeous blue whale.

  • A new study finds “strong evidence” that responsible travel is good for the economic bottom line. [Responsible Traveler]
  • In the US, flowers have bloomed earlier than ever before due to global warming. [National Geographic]
  • Adorable cheetah cubs are introduced to the world for the first time. [Huffington Post]
  • “The black panther isn’t an actual species – it’s a rare dark pigmentation found most commonly in leopards.” [Mongabay]
  • The National Institute of Health has moved to retire most chimps used in research. [NY Times]
  • Discover a farming project tackling deforestation in the Amazon. [The Guardian]
  • The San Diego Zoo and National Audubon Institute are teaming up to breed endangered species. [Mother Nature Network]
  • “It’s very gratifying to see that sustainability and ever-improving quality can go hand-in-hand.” [Rainforest Alliance]
  • How is climate change pummeling the US? [Mongabay]
  • Hundreds of gray whales are currently making the Mexican Pacific even more beautiful. [Sustainable Trip]
  • How can you make balanced and sustainable purchasing decisions? [Green Biz]
  • Scientists have discovered a new species of flying frog outside of Ho Chi Minh City. [National Geographic]
  • “After years of clueless consumption, my visit to the coffee farms in Guatemala and attendance at the Rainforest Alliance cupping have been quite a revelation.” [Triple Pundit]
  • Meet Alfonso Eliécer Morales, founder of Hostal Familiar Las Granadillas, a Rainforest Alliance Verified lodge in Ecuador that provides facilities for disabled tourists who enjoy adventure travel. [Sustainable Trip]

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