Consumer Choices

Why Do Consumers Look for the Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal?

Last week, we asked our friends on Facebook and Twitter why they pick products bearing the Rainforest Alliance’s green frog seal.  We loved the answers so much that we’re including some of the highlights here!


  • “I try my best not to blindly consume,” says Dayla Korman on Facebook. “I adore sustainability! And I believe that animals should be protected.”
  • On Twitter @agmhc says, “Because I believe in you and right now it’s something small I can do to save something big.”
  • “For the species that need their homes,” explains Holly Dimelow on Facebook.
  • It’s simple for Benjamin Cisneros. On Facebook he says, “It was the best damn banana I’ve ever had.”
  • Pamela Weller says, “Is is the ethical choice.”
  • “One year at the Iowa State Fair I got into a conversation with someone whose family owns a coffee plantation about Fair Trade and [the] Rainforest Alliance,” says Shar Bradley on Facebook.  “He convinced me that you guys are better!”
  • “For me, it’s your pragmatic approach to sustainability,” explains Tony Devries on Facebook.
  • Elissa Johnson says, “I know I can count on the Rainforest Alliance to make it easier for me to buy products that are produced sustainably.”
  • “Because I don’t want rainforests around the world to be destroyed for profit!” says Brenda Hills Maisey on Facebook. “Thank you so much for the work you do, Rainforest Alliance!”
  • On Twitter @liakelgres says, “Because I know the frog is a certification I can trust for eco-friendly products.”
  • Alli Brown says,“It’s the right thing to do.”
  • “So I can convince myself that my overly consumptive behavior is justified,” jokes Brad Williams on Facebook.
  • On Twitter @conservehope says, “Because I care about our world and the wonderous animals who inhabit it. Seeing a certification seal makes me feel better.”

Now it’s your turn! Tell us why you choose products featuring the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal in the comments! (And find them at Shop the Frog.)

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