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From the Experts: Child Labor and the Cocoa Industry

Edward Millard, the Rainforest Alliance’s director of sustainable landscapes, reflects on the causes of child labor in the West African cocoa industry and the tools necessary to combat it. The Rainforest Alliance believes that independent certification programs, like Rainforest Alliance Certified™, are central to delivering solutions to economic, environmental and social issues that are endemic … Continue reading

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Good News for Cocoa and the Global Food System

Eric Servat, senior manager of the Rainforest Alliance’s cocoa program, talks about the growth and challenges of our cocoa work. While Halloween is the peak time for chocolate news in the US, the holidays are  our peak chocolate eating season.   Any chocolate enjoyed in the US is likely to contain cocoa grown in Côte d’Ivoire, the … Continue reading

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Children on Farms: A Photo Essay

Taking a short sabbatical from on-the-ground assignments, Rainforest Alliance trainer and auditor Noah Jackson tackles some of the issues surrounding child labor with a compelling photo essay. Every year around Halloween, I receive emails about cocoa and child labor – some coming from friends living as far away as Uganda and the Philippines. Since most … Continue reading

Child Labor

Eradicating child labor

On World Day Again Child Labour (12 June 2010), Edward Millard, Head of Sustainable Landscapes at the Rainforest Alliance looked at how certification can help protect children from exploitation… Employing children on farms when they should be at school or making young people undertake tasks that are dangerous or damaging to their developing bodies is clearly … Continue reading