Q&A with an Expert: How Can We Improve Financing for Forward-Thinking Farmers?

Smallholder farmers in developing countries can see that adopting sustainable best practices and earning Rainforest Alliance certification will lead to benefits like higher prices, increased efficiency and access to stronger markets. However, the financial investment that certification entails can pose a significant obstacle for farmers with limited access to financing. The Rainforest Alliance’s sustainable finance … Continue reading

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A Business School Class Explores the Roots of Sustainability

In January, Rainforest Alliance staffer Meriwether Hardie traveled to Costa Rica with Professor Robert Strand and his class from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. The group was in Costa Rica for two-week-long sustainability and social responsibility course, exploring Caribou Coffee’s value chain and the many stakeholders involved. (Caribou Coffee sources 100 percent … Continue reading