Climate Change / REDD+

Update on REDD+ Negotiations from COP16

We are pleased to report that there seems to be emerging consensus between countries on the negotiating text that they may adopt on REDD + (reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation and carbon sequestration in forests). The text that is currently being discussed represents a compromise between certain countries’ wide-ranging positions. There are still issues for the countries’ negotiators to discuss, chief among them:

  • Framing the goal (i.e. the target for halting deforestation) for reductions of emissions or removals from REDD+. We recommend that this goal be included and be as strong as possible.
  • Determining exactly how rigorous the monitoring of environmental and social safeguards will be. We recommend monitoring and reporting on these safeguards.
  • Identifying the options for financing REDD+ programs and activities. We recommend leaving the options open for support for REDD+ early action and activities through a variety of funding sources, including both funds and markets.

Yesterday at Forest Day 4 (a day-long side event), President Felipe Calderon of Mexico demonstrated his strong understanding of and support for REDD+. As the host country of the COP, Mexico can show leadership in helping other countries commit to a REDD+ decision in Cancun as part of a balanced package that creates a framework for a comprehensive, legally binding agreement at COP17 in Durban, South Africa in December of 2011.  We encourage the Parties to move forward on this text and to finalize a REDD+ decision this week.

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