Climate Change / Rainforest Alliance Week

Curbing Climate Change

A new post in our Rainforest Alliance Week series explores our work to fight climate change.

A team measures a tree's DBH (diameter at breast height) to calculate the amount of carbon the tree is storing.

Shrinking arctic ice. Increased tropical cyclone activity. Severe droughts. Scientists say we’re already beginning to experience the effects of climate change — but it’s not too late to change course.

For more than twenty years, the Rainforest Alliance has been working to curb deforestation, responsible for nearly 20 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s more than the emissions from trains, planes and automobiles combined. How are we doing it? We are…

● Promoting responsible forest management, so that forests continue to provide environmental services, such as carbon sequestration, even as timber and botanicals are extracted.

● Teaching tourism companies how to manage their greenhouse gas emissions, and offset those which they cannot eliminate.

● Helping farmers protect and restore tree cover, and earn recognition for climate-friendly practices.

● Enabling forest-based communities who manage their land well to benefit from payments for carbon credits.

Educating the next generation of conservationists about the importance of environmental stewardship and the realities of climate change.

You can help, too. Visit the Green Living section of our website for tips on greening your home, classroom, office and more.

Happy Rainforest Alliance Week!

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