Rainforest Alliance

A Network of Sustainable Tourism Professionals

We’re excited to announce the launch of Tour Operators Promoting Sustainability (TOPS), a global network of tour operators dedicated to promoting and supporting sustainable tourism in their respective markets.

“TOPS is designed to help transform the business practices of tourism companies and motivate tourists to support these efforts,” said Ronald Sanabria, vice president of sustainable tourism at the Rainforest Alliance. “The long-term aim is to help the industry become socially and environmentally responsible as well as profitable, encouraging tourism practices that protect ecosystems and improve the lives of individuals and communities.”

Rainforest Alliance president Tensie Whelan says a few words about the launch…

2 thoughts on “A Network of Sustainable Tourism Professionals

  1. unfurtunatelly many of these sustainable initiaves are not available to REALLY local tour operators which are the small ones moving local economy and leaving the benefits inside the country, at least this is the case in Nicaragua where most of certified TTOO are owned by foreiners. I will write soon a blog about this topic in thetourstogo/blog

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