Rainforest Alliance

Happy New Year from the Rainforest Alliance!

Dear friends,

This year marks the Rainforest Alliance’s 25th anniversary. That’s a quarter of a century of devising, implementing, promoting and assessing tools that conserve biodiversity and foster the well being of families and communities around the world. Many thanks to all of our many friends and supporters for helping us to achieve our goals – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Rather than spend too much time reveling in past successes, we’ve already rolled up our sleeves and started working toward the next twenty-five years. So here’s to a happy 2012, during which we’ve resolved to…

● Ensure that more than 177 million acres (71 million hectares) of forestland are managed sustainably.
● Train community forestry enterprises in new regions, and help these businesses gain access to credit.
● Establish new projects that provide forest managers with opportunities to earn carbon credit payments.
● Protect more than 10,000 miles of freshwater streams by working with tourism businesses to implement water conservation practices.
● Train 1,000 farmers to implement climate-friendly agricultural practices.
● Apply the world’s first sustainable cattle ranching standard on farms in two countries.
● Work with tour operators to develop itineraries that include exclusively Rainforest Alliance Verified™ hotels.
● Broaden our education program’s reach by creating a Spanish-language version of our Rainforest Alliance Learning Site.
● Develop environmental education leadership teams in Florida, New York, Colombia and Guatemala – enabling our curriculum to reach 600 teachers and 10,000 students.
● Help to make a variety of new Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products available to consumers who are serious about making sustainable choices.

Thank you for being part of our sustainability journey and supporting our work around the world! Please take a moment to view “Our Collective Harvest,” a video that bears witness to the individuals, families and communities who are traveling on the road to sustainability with us.

Happy New Year!
Tensie Whelan

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year from the Rainforest Alliance!

  1. On behalf of the Amazon Knights (Expeditionary Film Team to Peru) and the British Clinic (British Clinic Health System) we would like to congratulate Rainforest Alliance for 25 years of dedication.
    Hope to see you down there.

    Thomas E. Coffman, HMD

  2. On behalf of the organization that I work for, I would like to congratulate the tireless and rewarding work of Sustainable Agriculture you have been promoting in Kenya. We will remain the change agents in Kenya to promote SAN principles particularly in the Tea Industry in Kenya.

    George Omuga

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