News Roundup

Leaves and Twigs: An Unscientific Round-Up of the Best Sustainability Stories on the Web

Behind on your conservation news? Catch up with our weekly review of the best sustainability stories, photos and videos making the rounds on the internet.

  • A new WWF report reveals that wildlife populations have declined by 30 percent over the past several decades. [Grist]
  • Be a part of the sustainable travel movement! The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is asking for your input as it develops criteria for sustainable tourism destinations. [Survey Gizmo]
  • It’s not too late to celebrate Endangered Species Day. Enjoy a slide show detailing our efforts to save seven endangered animals from extinction. [Rainforest Alliance]
  • At Hacienda Tres Rios, a Mayan tradition lives on with a yearly pilgrimage to the island of Cozumel to worship the goddess Ixchel. [Hacienda Tres Rios]
  • Need a break? Check out 50 photos of some of the world’s most incredible wildlife species. [Glazemoo]
  • Guess who stopped by the Rainforest Alliance’s 25th Anniversary Gala? Chris Noth and Martha Stewart! [Wire Image]
  • In advance of Rio+20, WWF says that the Earth’s environment is getting worse, not better. [The Guardian]
  • Scientists in the Amazon install “leaf packs” to survey the impacts of a new transoceanic highway on water quality. Our vice president of forestry, Richard Donovan, weighs in. [National Geographic]
  • We’ve created new lessons to help you teach your kids about climate change! Check them out, and share them with the parents and educators in your life. [Rainforest Alliance]
  • Can we shop our way to a sustainable society? Our president Tensie Whelan reflects. [Greenbiz]
  • Addicted to Pinterest? We couldn’t resist, either. [Pinterest]

Did we miss something? Share your favorite internet finds with us in the comments section!

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