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Leaves and Twigs: An Unscientific Roundup of the Best Sustainability Stories on the Web

This week, 70 percent of Americans agreed that climate change is worsening extreme weather; scientists discovered one of the world’s tiniest reptiles in Madagascar; and journalists reported on the rise of sustainability commitments from major candy companies.

  • 25 gorgeous photos of vibrantly colored wild birds. [National Geographic]
  • Americans agree that climate change is worsening extreme weather. [Mongabay]
  • One of the world’s tiniest reptiles has been discovered in Madagascar – the miniature chameleon! [National Geographic]
  • Which countries are at risk of famine and social unrest due to food shortages and price fluctuations? [The Guardian]
  • World Food Day is next week. How will you support the global movement to end hunger? [World Food Day]
  • Is Cancun the land of beaches, partying… and sustainability? [Sustainable Trip]
  • “US candy makers Mars Inc. and Hershey Co. are increasing their purchases of cocoa beans certified for sound labor and environmental practices.” [Nasdaq]
  • A primer on factory farms and what they mean for your meat. [Grist]
  • How can adopting sustainable agriculture practices increase incomes and enhance opportunities for children? [Frog Blog]
  • A fascinating series exploring the changing mission of zoos as more and more species are threatened with extinction. [NY Times]
  • Just in time for fall: 10 inventive pumpkin recipes. [Treehugger]
  • A new study finds the “greener the industry, the higher the job growth rate.” [Grist]
  • Explore these time-lapse maps, which show records broken in levels of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice. [The Guardian]
  • One Borneo expedition uncovers more than 160 new species. [Huffington Post]
  • For the “Parrots of the Caribbean,” extinction looms. [Mongabay]
  • A new documentary captures a birds-eye view of our feathered friends in their element. [Treehugger]
  • Retailers talk about the future of sustainable consumption. [Green Biz]
  • How has Francis Ford Coppola turned his private vacation home in Belize into a sustainable resort? [Sustainable Trip]

Tell us about the stories that captivated you this week.

2 thoughts on “Leaves and Twigs: An Unscientific Roundup of the Best Sustainability Stories on the Web

  1. Dear Rainforest Alliance Frog Blog Team,

    Warm greetings from Uganda! Hope this mail finds you in good health. I am an avid fan of your blog and I do enjoy your unscientific roundup of the best sustainability stories on the web. I have been involved in Rainforest Alliance Certification through my work with a tea company here in Uganda which is Rainforest Alliance Certified where I used to work as a Standards Coordinator. I have managed to write an article about Rainforest Alliance Certification which has been published by Food Safety Magazine in their October/November 2012 edition ( a leading food safety publication in USA. You can access the article via the digital version at ( Look out column 18 – International:Rainforest Alliance Certification. Keep up the good work! Sustainable development is the way to go!

    Very Best Regards,

    Denis Twinamatsiko

    Mobile Phone: +256 700 483610

    Alternative e-mail address:


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