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In Mexico, An Indigenous Community Embraces Environmental Education

In the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico—where great biodiversity meets immense cultural and linguistic diversity—live the indigenous community of Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec. The Rainforest Alliance’s education manager Maria Ghiso recently visited the community to meet with students at Bachillerato Integral Comunitario Ayuujk Polivalente (BICAP) and introduce them to the basics of climate change and the role forests play in the carbon cycle.  During the visit, students also reflected on how indigenous communities around the world might be affected by climate change and examined what these changes might mean for their own community.

Later, students were invited to explore the issues they were most passionate about at a film workshop hosted by Cornea Films. Entitled “Cuentamelo Filmando”(in English, “Tell Me About It”), the workshop encouraged students to examine environmental issues within their community through the production of a stop-motion animation film. The kids were involved in every aspect of the production, writing the movie script, designing the set and creating costumes. The film–which is narrated in the local indigenous language mixe–talks about the importance of respecting nature and local traditions.

Watch the video to see their creativity (and commitment to conservation) at work.


The Rainforest Alliance is part of the Alianza México REDD+, whose mission is to contribute to the creation of knowledge, strengthen capacities to meet the objectives of a national REDD+ strategy and implement rural sustainable development in Mexico. 

10 thoughts on “In Mexico, An Indigenous Community Embraces Environmental Education

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    I love the Rainforest Alliance’s blog. It really contains some gems on biodiversity and sustainable living. I found this video created by indigenous students in Mexico so charming. I hope you enjoy it too! PS Did you know that Jamaica’s own Cafe Blue coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified?

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