Creative Connections

Throughout the summer, we’ve highlighted a number of the inspiring projects carried out by Rainforest Alliance partner schools in the 2012 – 2013 school year. In our last blog installation, we explore how students in Brooklyn recently connected with children in Guatemala via an innovative art exchange program.

PS15 temple

In June, many of our partner schools–including PS15 in Red Hook, Brooklyn–had the opportunity to participate in an exciting art exchange with another Rainforest Alliance partner school located in the Petén region of Guatemala. After exchanging artwork about their environment, the students were given the chance to virtually meet each other during a live videoconference.

The students were thrilled to connect with one another and ask questions about each other’s lives and environments. Many of the Brooklyn students wondered about the animals in the rainforest, the community the students lived in and the kinds of houses in the Petén. The Guatemalan students wondered what activities the New Yorkers enjoyed, what the four seasons were like and asked for a description of the students’ school building.

ps15 exchange

At PS15, students created model replicas of the Mayan temples featured in many of the Guatemalan students’ artwork and used these models to learn more about Mayan culture and solve math problems with volume and area. They were eager to share the model temples with their new friends in Guatemala and to learn more about real Mayan temples.

By the end of the exchange the students discovered that, though the places they lived were very different, they had a great deal in common.

This experience was facilitated by Creative Connections, a cultural exchange organization.

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