Follow the Frog Week

The Frog Footprint: Contributing to Healthier and Happier Communities

Throughout Follow the Frog Week, we’ll be taking a closer look at the frog’s footprint on community well-being, prosperity and the health of wildlife and the global environment. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on the benefits of Rainforest Alliance certification for communities around the world.

Though the Rainforest Alliance was first established to protect rainforests, we quickly learned that it would be shortsighted to exclude people from the conservation equation. Environmental protection is inextricably linked to social well-being, since local communities rely on forests for their livelihood, food, medicine, fuel and a range of environmental services including the absorption of greenhouse gases that regulate the global climate. While people depend on forests, these natural environments can only thrive under the good stewardship of local forest communities. Which is why, in collaboration with our partners around the world, we set about devising comprehensive solutions that conserve forest ecosystems while upholding the needs and rights of workers, families and communities. When people have a viable source of income and the tools to manage their natural resources sustainably, everyone wins.

Here, a few of the ways in which Rainforest Alliance certification and verification benefits communities around the globe:

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Visit our blog tomorrow to see the frog’s footprint on the global environment. 

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