Follow the Frog Week

The Frog Footprint: Protecting Wildlife and the Global Environment

Throughout Follow the Frog Week, we’ll be taking a closer look at the frog’s footprint on communities, wildlife, economies and the global environment. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on the ways in which the Rainforest Alliance’s green frog benefits wildlife and the environment.

As the world’s population grows and natural resources dwindle, the creation of parks and protected natural areas is not enough to solve the problem of forest destruction and species loss. The Rainforest Alliance believes that it is possible to safeguard valuable ecosystems while still allowing communities and businesses to extract the forest resources upon which their livelihoods depend. The farms, forests and tourism businesses with which we work not only manage their own lands sustainably but they also function as an integral part of the larger landscape — keeping trees standing, preventing erosion, protecting waterways and soils, providing wildlife habitat and reducing the risk of fires and other destructive activities. Together, sustainably managed businesses and neighboring protected areas can form a thriving mosaic that nurtures ecosystems, wildlife and people.

Here, a few highlights of the Rainforest Alliance’s work with farmers, foresters and tourism entrepreneurs to protect the environment and the wildlife that depend on it.

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