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GROUPLOVE Drummer Ryan Rubin on Art and Activism

Anna Clark, an associate at the Rainforest Alliance, spent four days on tour with the band GROUPLOVE as part of Reverb’s Campus Consciousness tour. She sat down with drummer Ryan Rubin—whom she describes as “the kind of fun-loving person who makes you feel as though you’ve been friends for years”—to discuss his band’s decision to team up with Reverb and the Rainforest Alliance for the awareness-raising music tour.

GROUPLOVE drummer Ryan Rubin has sustainability on his mind.

GROUPLOVE drummer Ryan Rubin has sustainability on his mind.

What inspired you to get involved in the Campus Consciousness Tour?

We often complained about how much we wasted while touringit’s a very wasteful life. The bus, for example, uses so much fuel and gives off a lot of carbon emissions.

Our manager heard about the Campus Consciousness Tour and brought the idea to us. We all agreed it would be a really cool thing to be a part of.

What do you hope comes out of the tour?

We hope that students who come to the shows also get involved with the Rainforest Alliance and the other green initiatives that the tour promotes. We hope the tour will inspire students to take a few simple steps to be more eco-friendly on campus.

"I love painting with students," says Ryan Rubin of the Art for Activism project that students and GROUPLOVE members participate in prior to the evening shows.

“I love painting with students,” Ryan Rubin says of the Art for Activism project.

Any favorite moments from the tour, so far?

I love painting with the students [at on-campus eco-villages before the nightly tours]; I am really great at stick figures!

Art for Activism forces us to get out and see the campuses, which is not something we usually get to do. The routine is usually the same for every tour. I really enjoy the one-on-one contact with students, which most tours don’t allow for.

Is social and environmental responsibility something the group is passionate about?

We have become a lot more passionate about social and environmental responsibility since we started touring. On the tour bus we really get to see the impact of the music industry. We have become a lot more conscientious about doing the right thing, such as recycling, separating trash, combining laundry loads and getting others to do the same. It’s great to be able to bring students on board.

What do you hope students take away from the tour?

I hope they become more considerate of each other and the environment in their daily routine.

An easy way to do this is to purchase products that feature the [Rainforest Alliance’s] green frog seal. I love the motto, “Follow the Frog!”

What is your favorite place in nature?

My favorite place in nature is Kruger National Park in South Africa. And my favorite place in in North America is Joshua Tree in California. 

The Rainforest Alliance has joined forces with music-based environmental nonprofit Reverb for its Campus Consciousness Tour, which aims to mobilize students to take positive action for the planet through a nation-wide music tour. The tour kicked off on October 24 at Kent State University in Ohio and will wrap up on November 16 at Colby College in Maine.


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