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Our Favorite Green New Year’s Resolutions

We asked our Facebook fans to share their resolutions for a green 2014. We received dozens of great responses, ranging from commitments to use greener energy to pledges to educate the next generation. Here, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite responses:

Credit: Dan Buettner

Credit: Dan Buettner

  • “We just moved into a new house which has a lot of energy-saving features. We are already recyclers, composters, gardeners and vegetarians. This year we are focused on going almost vegan, [and] when we consume dairy products they will have to come from local, organic sources.” — Kijjiketchme Southern-Fox, Maryland, United States
  • “To teach my newborn son respect for Mother Nature.” – Kilde Carens, Hamme, Belgium
  • “Last year [we resolved] to recycle more than we threw in the garbage. We made that happen. This year I want to pay more attention to ingredients in the products I buy.” – Kimberly Rossi, United States
  •  “Encourage our people to join a community forestry association.” –Timothy Aoya, Nairobi, Kenya
  • “Finishing the last semester of my environmental science/energy management degree. I can’t wait to learn more about solar energy.” – Misty Bridges, Florida, United States
  • “To spread the good word to save our rainforests and love the animals of our great Western Ghats.” –Rajendra Rao, Bangelore, India
  • “Use our spending power to protect our world.” –Margaret Green, Wiltshire, England
  • “My wife and [I] decided to go vegan!” –Tim Elser, Ruit auf den Fildern, Germany

Inspired to make your own green resolution? Find some great ideas to get you started in the Green Living section of our website.

Happy New Year, friends!

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