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A Life in Balance with the Environment

Reynaldo Ochoa is an inspiration to the people of Manu in the Peruvian rainforest. He has dedicated his life to living in balance with his environment. By encouraging farmers to adopt responsible practices and enabling families to grow fresh organic produce, he is helping to forge a sustainable future for his community.  “It was clear that … Continue reading

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Is This the End of Indonesian Deforestation?

Early this month, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP)—a colossal forestry company that has been broadly criticized for its contribution to deforestation and social conflict in Indonesia—announced a zero deforestation policy that could seriously slow the tide of deforestation in the Southeast Asian country. For more than a decade, global nonprofit organizations including Greenpeace and the … Continue reading

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Interview with Daniel Katz: “King of the Eco Warriors”

At the age of 24, Daniel Katz co-founded the Rainforest Alliance. Twenty-five years later, he reflects on the organization’s past, future, struggles and achievements.   This piece has been shortened and reprinted with permission from the  Urban Times. What inspired you to found the Rainforest Alliance in 1986? I didn’t actually aspire to start an organization; … Continue reading