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Improving Access and Equity for Smallholder Carbon Projects

Jeff Hayward, director of the Rainforest Alliance’s climate program, weighs in on the challenges facing smallholders interested in participating in carbon projects.  It is abundantly clear that there are systematic barriers to entry preventing smallholder participation in carbon projects. We’ve seen this firsthand, whether validating forest carbon projects or helping communities and smallholder farmers in … Continue reading

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New Forest Carbon Project to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 800,000 Tons Over 100 Years

Located in eastern Maine, the Farm Cove Forest Carbon Project covers 19,118 acres (7,737 hectares) of land within the Farm Cove Community Forest. It is also the first Improved Forest Management forest carbon project located outside of California to achieve Climate Action Reserve (CAR) verification through the Rainforest Alliance – and, perhaps most impressive, is … Continue reading