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Report from India (Part 3): Protecting Wildlife on Tea Farms

Rainforest Alliance president Tensie Whelan continues her trip to India’s Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM coffee and tea estates with T.R. Shankar Raman and Divya Mudappa from the Nature Conservation Foundation. India’s Valparai plateau in the Western Ghats is a biodiversity hotspot, and our hosts Divya and Shankar live and work there.  The plateau is planted with … Continue reading

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Report from India (Part 2): Improving Conditions on Tea Farms

Tensie Whelan visits Rainforest Alliance Certified tea estates in the mountains of southern India, where she encounters wildlife now benefitting from forest conservation measures on tea estates. The clouds hang heavy in the Nilgris hills, which look blue through the morning mist.  They are planted with tea bushes that run in vertical rows.  Original forests … Continue reading

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Report from India (Part 1): Reducing Waste and Pollution on Coffee Farms

In November 2010, Rainforest Alliance president Tensie Whelan traveled to India, where in partnership with the Nature Conservation Foundation, we are working to conserve farmland, protect wildlife and ensure the well-being of workers and their families. In Part I, she visits Tata-owned coffee farms in the Coorg region of southern India. My daughter turns 22 … Continue reading