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Interview with Daniel Katz: “King of the Eco Warriors”

At the age of 24, Daniel Katz co-founded the Rainforest Alliance. Twenty-five years later, he reflects on the organization’s past, future, struggles and achievements.   This piece has been shortened and reprinted with permission from the  Urban Times. What inspired you to found the Rainforest Alliance in 1986? I didn’t actually aspire to start an organization; … Continue reading

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The Champagne of Teas

Back from a trip to India, Rainforest Alliance sustainable agriculture associate Maya Albanese writes… The mighty snow-capped Himalayas provide an awe-inspiring backdrop to the bright green slopes of Darjeeling, blanketed with rows upon rows of meticulously pruned tea bushes. Here, women in colorful clothes scale the slopes carrying woven baskets overflowing with bountiful autumnal harvests.  … Continue reading

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Part I: What Can We Learn From Brazil?

Chad Trewick is senior director of coffee and tea at Caribou Coffee – the first major coffee company in the US to source 100 percent of its coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. Here, he writes about a recent trip to Brazil to explore sustainable coffee production. Brazil is a generation (maybe even two or … Continue reading

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Good News for Cocoa and the Global Food System

Eric Servat, senior manager of the Rainforest Alliance’s cocoa program, talks about the growth and challenges of our cocoa work. While Halloween is the peak time for chocolate news in the US, the holidays are  our peak chocolate eating season.   Any chocolate enjoyed in the US is likely to contain cocoa grown in Côte d’Ivoire, the … Continue reading