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Improving Access and Equity for Smallholder Carbon Projects

Jeff Hayward, director of the Rainforest Alliance’s climate program, weighs in on the challenges facing smallholders interested in participating in carbon projects.  It is abundantly clear that there are systematic barriers to entry preventing smallholder participation in carbon projects. We’ve seen this firsthand, whether validating forest carbon projects or helping communities and smallholder farmers in … Continue reading

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Hope in the Shade of Cocoa Trees

Ouedraogo Boureima was just four years old when, in 1985, his family left their village in Burkina Faso and walked across the border and into Côte d’Ivoire. They brought only the clothes on their backs, two sheep, four cooking pots, food for travel and a picture of their ancestors. The family traveled south and then … Continue reading

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In West Africa, A Cocoa Farmer Learns to Love Sustainability

We asked Peter Dabanka—a Ghanaian cocoa farmer with a love for sustainable farming—to share his story in honor of Valentine’s Day. He writes… I have lived for over 30 years in Nyame Nnae in Ghana. I came as a migrant farmer from Kumasi to start cocoa farming. However, I stopped a few years later when … Continue reading