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Guest Blog: The Road to Sustainable Tea

Every day, 160 million cups of tea are sipped in the UK. That’s an impressive figure. Even more impressive: 37 percent of that tea – or 60 million cups – comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. In today’s Rainforest Alliance Week guest blog, our friends at Yorkshire Tea talk about the noteworthy commitment to sustainability … Continue reading

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Take a Holiday that’s Good for People and the Environment

Today’s Rainforest Alliance Week blog takes a closer look at tourism. Many of us took a holiday this summer — spending time playing on a beach or trekking through forests, staying in hotels or camping, eating in local restaurants and buying souvenirs. While such holidays and activities provide a vital source of income for many … Continue reading

Climate Change / Rainforest Alliance Week

Curbing Climate Change

A new post in our Rainforest Alliance Week series explores our work to fight climate change. Shrinking arctic ice. Increased tropical cyclone activity. Severe droughts. Scientists say we’re already beginning to experience the effects of climate change — but it’s not too late to change course. For more than twenty years, the Rainforest Alliance has … Continue reading