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The Champagne of Teas

Back from a trip to India, Rainforest Alliance sustainable agriculture associate Maya Albanese writes… The mighty snow-capped Himalayas provide an awe-inspiring backdrop to the bright green slopes of Darjeeling, blanketed with rows upon rows of meticulously pruned tea bushes. Here, women in colorful clothes scale the slopes carrying woven baskets overflowing with bountiful autumnal harvests.  … Continue reading

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An Eye-Opening Tour through the Amazon’s Only Black Tea Farm

Back from an incredible trip to Ecuador, Maya Albanese – a coordinator for the Rainforest Alliance’s sustainable value chains team in North America – talks about her experience touring the Amazon region’s only black tea farm. “How do I get to Palora, Ecuador?” I asked of an Ecuadorian friend during a recent trip to to … Continue reading

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Slurping for Sustainability: An Exploration of the Specialty Coffee Tasting World

Maya Albanese, coordinator of sustainable value chains for the Rainforest Alliance’s agriculture team in North America, writes about her eye-opening experience hosting the Rainforest Alliance’s 2011 Cupping for Quality in Long Beach, California. The louder the slurp, the better the cupper — and last week, I was graced with a symphony of impressive slurps. I … Continue reading